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Queenie van de Zandt Presents 
A NEW Course for Adults:

Create Your Dream Career
How to Develop a Successful Career Strategy and Live a Fulfilling Artistic Life

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work" 
Emile Zola

Do you want to create more performance opportunities for yourself rather than just waiting for your agent to call?   

Do you wonder at actors who perform across all mediums; in theatre, musicals, TV,  film, and then seem to also be in demand for voice-over work or directing? 

 Do you think people like that are just more talented than you/are good at networking/just have the 'type of personality' that makes that kind of career possible?....

By challenging a few simple beliefs and learning some basic skills I believe anyone can have a career that is fulfilling and fantastic!

Earlier this year I created a one-day workshop called “How to Develop a Successful Career Strategy” after being approached by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance to run a workshop for their members on how to be proactive in your career.  After presenting it in both Sydney and Melbourne, the feedback was not only incredibly positive but universally members wanted the course to be longer. Hence I developed it into a new 4-week course: “CREATE YOUR DREAM CAREER”.

Over 4 weekends - I will work with you to discover skills you never thought you had that when utilised can create an artistically and financially fulfilling work life. Through brain-storming ideas, writing exercises and some life coaching the course will give you a sense of yourself as a creative artist and give you a concrete plan of how your skills can be utilised in many areas, doing all kinds of different work, while leading you on a path towards your ultimate artistic goals. 

Participants bring along any creative ideas they have been toying with (i.e. cabaret, play or film ideas, songs or poems, business ideas, dance pieces, a book – anything artistic that has been bugging your brain), to work on over the 4 weeks and leave with measurable artistic outcomes, on their new path to a fulfilling artistic life.

“It helped me put things into perspective and rather than feel daunted as usual by my dream of directing an Oscar winning film I finally felt as though it was possible.”
‘How to Develop a Successful Career Strategy’
MEAA Master Class Participant 2011

“Inspiring and possibility - are the two words that come to mind when I think of that class. It's very powerful to think of yourself and your career in the light she was presenting - and very empowering.”
‘How to Develop a Successful Career Strategy’
MEAA Master Class Participant 2011

“Her advice on how to live and have a fulfilling career as an artist really struck a chord with me, and I think it would be valuable to everyone who wants to live a balanced, creative life.”
‘How to Develop a Successful Career Strategy’
MEAA Master Class Participant 2011

Running in Sydney in January

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