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Jan van de Stool
International Musical Therapist - Interpretive Dancer - Singing Psychologist


Reviews of “I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU an evening with Jan van de Stool” – The Q – Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre – NSW - 2009

“...queen of comedy and song dazzles her delighted audience...a night of sheer entertainment and satirical, side-splitting hilarity....tight, taut and terrific. With impeccable comic timing, artful adlibbing and uncanny audience manipulation, van de Zandt cajoles, coaxes, commands and castigates...an artist of extraordinary talent and remarkable vocal versatility and range...”

“Like all great satirists and actors, van de Zandt has a strong affection for her characters. We laugh at their foibles, but empathise with their condition. Her characters are unique...van de Zandt is a rare and refreshing comic and musical talent, whose star could light the firmament on any world stage. This is a show not to be missed!”
Peter Wilkins
The Canberra Times

Reviews of “I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU an evening with Jan van de Stool” – Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Melbourne - 2007

“…the audience was lapping up Queenie van de Zandt’s new age music therapist character, Jan van de Stool…van de Zandt had the small but enthusiastic crowd whole-heartedly participating…she is a versatile performer…sharing her beautiful voice…I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU is an enjoyable comedic hour and much more evolved than the comedy festival’s average stand up fare…quite hilarious…”
Stephanie Glickman
Australian Stage Online

“Van de Zandt’s diverse background in cabaret and music theatre really shines through…it’s a spirited reminder that Australia has produced a comic genius whose satire is well-written, nicely paced and beautifully executed…it seems likely that van de Stool may become immortalised in Australia’s fine history of comic characters”.

“…there’s something satisfying about poking a pointy stick into the flabby nether regions of personal development.  Comedienne Queenie van de Zandt does it brilliantly…”
The Age

Reviews of “I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU an evening with Jan van de Stool” – Ensemble Theatre – Sydney - 2006

“Queenie van de Zandt’s hilarious one-woman exploration of the dark side of music therapy, I Get The Music In You, was a deserved cabaret hit first time around in 2004-5…van de Zandt brought in musical-comedy script master Tony Taylor to co-write the new version. The result is that on July 24, 2006 a new star of Australian comedy theatre was born.

In Jan…van de Zandt and Taylor, with director Craig Ilott…have given us a character who provokes simultaneous laughter and shudders and recalls nothing less than the frightmare early-glory days of Dame Edna and Betty Blokbuster.

Don’t miss her. I Get The Music in You, Ensemble Theatre (this one will run and run). 5 stars.”
Diana Simmonds
Sunday Telegraph

““Is your life just one big bum note? says Jan van de Stool...If so, then perhaps she can help with a “colonic irrigation of the spirit”…The snippets above don’t do justice to the wonderfully deadpan comedy of Queenie van de Zandt, who wrote (along with Tony Taylor) and performs this merrily malign swipe at loopy New Age gurus.  Imagine a cross between the unshakeable self-importance of The Office’s David Brent and the cringe making terror tactics of Marjorie Dawes, the abusive flab fighter from Little Britain…Van de Zandt can (also) sing like an angel…”
Colin Rose
The Sun Herald

“Jan is the comic creation of van de Zandt and Tony Taylor, and she has been peddling her new-age musical therapy in I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU to deadpan satirical effect since last year.  Van de Zandt sustains with vigour the unsubtle assult Jan makes…Presenting each hapless victim of Jan’s mentoring, van de Zandt transforms in a single movement from Dutch despot to damaged dependants…The writing is sharp…The opening night had a ball…For the theatrically aware…an extra layer of self-referenced humour exists…a joyful collaboration of talented artists mocking a form for which they have a great facility…if the audience response is a guide, van de Zandt just might have van de Stool on the verge of comic greatness.”
Mark Hopkins
Sydney Morning Herald

“Queenie van de Zandt is brilliant as the deranged musical therapist and teacher Jan Van de Stool, who proves the old adage 'Those that can, do; those that can’t, teach.' The audience was in stitches."
Ian Phipps
ABC radio

“I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU…is a vehicle to showcase the considerable talents of one of our leading music theatre artists, Queenie van de Zandt…Opening night went down well…and gave her a standing ovation when one of the most bizarre music workshops ever undertaken came to a close…The verdict was that Taylor and Queenie had a show with a winning recipe. Amongst the main ingredients were…Queenie’s warm, easy going stage presence and flair for ironic comedy…Queenie, in one of the show’s highlights, does deliver a few songs straight, and shows off her powerful voice.”
David Kary
Stage Whispers

Reviews of “I Get the Music in You” – Adelaide Cabaret Festival – Adelaide - 2006

“Queenie van de Zandt…adopted the persona of…Jan van de Stool, to induct her audiences into her wonderfully wacky world of music therapy. Van de Zandt also took on the roles of several of van de Stool’s singing students, displaying her acting versatility and the voice that has won her feature roles in national productions….Her act was witty, intriguing and very funny.”
Bill Stephens
Stu Hamstra’s Cabaret Hotline Online

“Queenie van de Zandt is the talented singer/songwriter behind the character of Jan. She brings a dry comic flair to her…Queenie is able to step seamlessly between the neurotic Jan and the various characters…Who could ever imagine the sound of an entire audience simulating a hearty projectile vomit.  This is the magic that Jan brings to the stage in I Get the Music in You.”
Mark Thompson

 “Spiritual parody conjures laughs.  This sly parody of new age spirituality is biting but playful…Queenie van de Zandt is comfortably comic…Jokes, lessons in interpretive dance, and anecdotes about her cheese sculptor husband keep the laughs coming.  Van de Zandt also plays the parts of the bumbling music therapy students, switching easily between different roles…The show ends with a song belted out at full pelt, wishing you had heard more of van de Zandt’s impressive voice.”
Tory Shepherd
The Advertiser

Reviews of “I Get the Music in You” – Teatro Vivaldi – Canberra - 2005

“Dutch treat in voice and humour…Queenie van de Zandt plays everyone…the singing voice is terrifically versatile and satisfyingly lets rip late in the piece…it’s a lot of fun…good to see van de Zandt back in town and in fine voice and humour.”
Alanna Maclean
Canberra Times

Reviews of “I Get the Music in You” – The Store Room – Melbourne Fringe Festival  - Melbourne - 2005

“Queen of music therapy hits the right notes. Just when you think dry, underplayed, deadpan comedy is a lost art in Australia, along comes Queenie van de Zandt to restore your faith, recalling another comedienne…Anna Russell….Van de Zandt’s poker-faced characterisation of…Jan van de Stool…is an amusing hour of clever satire…The script, by van de Zandt and Tony Taylor, is sly and funny, and van de Zandt plays the character with total conviction…as well as switching mercurially to portray a handful of hapless students.”
Jim Murphy
The Age

“Queenie van de Zandt is not only a great cabaret singer, she is hilarious, too. I Get the Music in You is a delightful parody…outrageously funny…then she sings a truly beautiful love ballad…teaches us a series of very funny and literal interpretive dance moves…Queenie plays herself and other students at the end and sings a grand finale of songs including a marvellous rendition of Barbra Streisand’s very difficult song, A Piece of Sky.  A real laugh-out loud hoot.”
Kate Herbert
Herald Sun

“Queenie van de Zandt has created a comic masterpiece with Jan van de Stool, the despotic Dutch 'music therapist' …Much of the comedy comes from van de Stool's hysterical mispronunciation of words…van de Zandt pulls off 'bad singing' in a way that only vocalists of extreme craft can do. An unexpected highlight of the show is a performance by Queenie herself, who's voice strikes resonances with Barbra Streisand and Linda Eder, and lets us know just what a true talent this lady is.  She not only hits the 'big note', but she nails it…A definite must-see!”
Aaron Joyner
Australian Musicals.com

“Queenie van de Zandt MC’d the Fringe launch and did so in style. Just going by what I saw there I can recommend Queenie’s fringe show “I Get The Music In You” which she performs in character as Dutch Music Therapist “Jan van de Stool”. She involved the audience in a fabulous rendition of “Wind beneath my wings” proceeding to take seemingly innocent pot shots at the attending dignitaries including Lord Mayor John So, Minister for the Arts Mary Delahunty (“let’s give her the clap”) and the Creative Producer for the Fringe, Elena Vereker (“I think she’s the bee’s dick”). Queenie got rave reviews for this show in Sydney and she captured the room beautifully providing us with another example of a local comedian who has a wonderful take on an original character.”
Annette Slattery
The Groggy Squirrell

Reviews of “I Get the Music in You” – Statement Cabaret Lounge - Sydney - 2005

“Queenie reigns supreme.  Queenie van de Zandt’s new one-woman show has one more Saturday to go and you shouldn’t miss it…Jan van de Stool – the Netherlands’ most awesome export to Australia – is surely destined to become one of our great comic creations…Watching her develop and grow…is amazing.  It must have been a bit like that when Mrs Edna Everage first picked up her handbag…Jan has a way with chakras, the English language and a winsome if lethal smile that has her audiences both cringing and rolling in the aisles.  And if Jan isn’t enough, there’s also Queenie herself, who gets a look in at the end and reminds us what a fabulous singer she is…”
 Diana Simmonds
Sunday Telegraph

“…Then the comedy is abruptly suspended, and via another of van de Zandt’s effortless character changes our ribs recover while Kirsty sings with unexpected poignancy. To provide respite amid such a constant stream of laughs without it jarring or without sending up the attempt is a triumph of it’s own...” 
John Shand 
Sydney Morning Herald

Reviews of “The Brisbane Cabaret Festival” – Powerhouse Theatre - Brisbane - 2005

“…the fresh perspective, confident delivery and great songs are a winning formula. Van de Stool was a total crowd pleaser…”
Carolyn Huges

“Queenie van de Zandt, through the incarnation of her character, singing teacher Jan van de Stool, took an enormous stick to the genre of “new age” buzzword types.  ‘Jan’ is a prize bitch, all too willing to stifle her talented students.  Roll-playing several of Jan’s students allowed Queenie to morph into different characters, showcasing her remarkable voice.  Van de Zandt has the funnybone of an old-school vaudevillian and it shows.  If there’s anything she can’t do…we did not see it.” 
Ewan Yamates
Scene Magazine

“…within minutes of Queenie van de Zandt’s solo spoof on a neurotic music therapist, the crowd was on a serious laughing jag.  This “musical masseuse” urges her patients to move through the “molasses of their pain” as they take the stage to sing.  Van de Zandt’s caustic take of troubled Carol’s “Shattered Illusions”, a catalogue of disastrous relationships, was very funny.” 
Gillian Wills
The Courier Mail

Reviews of Jan van de Stool in “Women in Voice 14” – Playhouse, QPAC – Brisbane and Showroom – Star City Casino - Sydney - 2005

“Queenie van Zandt created a comic character; a chakra-emancipating nazi of a singing teacher who, in a pretend-you’re-a-bell exercise, exhorts her class to “move your donger freely and share your bong”.  Van de Zandt is both a fine actress and a powerful singer.” 
John Shand 
The Sydney Morning Herald

“Seasoned performer Queenie van de Zandt effortlessly milked the crowd for laughs in a musical theatre routine.  The guy behind me was snorting helplessly trying to keep up as she dropped into one character after another, delivering songs that were alternately funny and touching…others I talked to said she was their favourite of their evening.” 
Mark Bretherton 
The Courier Mail

“Cabaret performer Queenie van de Zandt appears in character as a herbal voice teacher obsessed with charkas an stacking up the chairs in the community hall where she teaches.  Van de Zandt then goes on to play some of the teacher’s students.  She’s very funny and has an incredible vocal range.” 
Jamelle Wells 
The Drum Media

“Another change of mood brought on Queenie van de Zandt, an actor-singer whose routine in this show is to run a music therapy workshop as a very scary, vaguely Eastern European teacher, which gave her an opportunity to change characters and vocal routines at the twist of a shoe.  She had the audience in stitches.” 
Alison Cotes 

“Queenie van Zandt (sic) is a great comedic actress and delighted with her impersonation of a musical therapist complete with clich├ęd mantras and affirmations.  It is here the format of Women in Voice excels; the women are able to experiment and are encouraged to shake-up tired formulas.” 
Kellie Riordan
612 ABC Brisbane

“…the night most definitely belonged to Queenie van de Zandt and Alison St Ledger.  Van de Zandt’s take on a music therapy class had the audience on (sic) stitches…” 
Nigel Munro Wallis
612 ABC Brisbane


“…Queenie van de Zandt unveiled the music therapist from hell at Statement Cabaret Bar last year and was an immediate cult hit...”
Diana Simmonds

The Sunday Telegraph

“…a great deal of laughter and merriment among the audience…(Jan van de Stool) is likely to become our next big lifestyle guru and millions of Australians will enroll in her music-therapy workshop…a truly wonderful comedy character…I am sure van de Stool  is likely to become famous like Effie…but will appeal to much more sophisticated and educated audiences…(Queenie van de Zandt) has a strong voice, incredible stage presence and excellent comedy timing…”
Domenic Mico
Canberra Times

“Our top choices…comedy…I Get the Music in You. An intensive one-night new-age musical with the charismatic and hilarious Queenie van de Zandt”
Danielle O’Donohue
Herald Sun

“I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU…Don’t miss the last chance to see this hilarious spin on new age therapies, ranging from musical mantras to interpretive dance”. 
Sydney Morning Herald

“…Queenie van de Zandt, the spectacular musical theatre and cabaret performer who’s wowed Sydney in recent years, despite being Melbourne based…The congenitally hilarious van de Zandt’s act features a session with the voice therapist from hell, who fancies herself as a cross between Athena Starwoman and Sigmund Freud.  Somehow, this creation finishes with a show-stopping Streisand number.” 
Diana Simmonds 
The Sunday Telegraph

“Queenie van de Zandt, the actor/singer/writer who stunned audiences in her role as Deirdre in Queensland Theatre Company’s Road to the She-Devil’s Salon in 2003…Her enthusiasm is infectious…van de Zandt’s segment allows her talents as an actress and playwright to shine.” 
Mary Nemeth 
Time-Off Magazine 






“Queenie van de Zandt – a lot of fun…Spending so much time in Sydney with “The Producers”, you get a feeling of what’s working…and the wraps about Queenie’s show when it was playing up there were just sensational.  So it’s Melbourne’s turn now”.
Bert Newton, Good Morning Australia, Channel 10

“It is so exciting to find exceptional homegrown talent.  When that talent combines unequaled singing with achingly sidesplitting humour, you know you're onto something unique. Queenie van de Zandt is totally unique, and I can't get enough!”
Jenny Morris, Singer, NSW

“Watching her handling her audience I had to think back to people like Reg Livermore and Barry Humphries for anything that good. She’s wonderful.” 
Henri Szeps OAM, Actor, Leichhardt, NSW

“Dear Jan. You have a gift. When will you be doing a one night intensive in Melbourne? I know lots of C-grade celebrities who would be happy to share with you. Let me know. PS.... You may not have heard of me. I am an actor of little note who remains deeply in awe of your genius”. 
Jane Hall, Actor, VIC

“…I hope the show is going great in Sydney – it was amazing – I took Mum and Dad as a present for their 40th wedding anniversary – they traveled the world and see theatre shows, cabaret and musicals all the time and Dad said it was the best show he had ever seen!  So we will definitely be coming next year!…Thanks for making me laugh, I truly loved the show, it’s so great to see “THE REAL THING”!”
Michelle Croucher, Sydney, NSW

“Well done - was great to finally see Jan…you had me in tears - I couldn't breath…AND THAT VOICE! …that voice is just flawless. My heavens the purity of the sound you get. Incredible!”
Scott Dawkins, Melbourne, VIC

Dear @janvandestool. Thanks for the follow. Also just watched your YouTube interview with Alan Cumming. And snorted hot tea through my nose.
M. Backer, Sydney NSW

“If only I could attend! Commitments in Brisbane stop me but I am a fan of Queenie's work so bring the show to Brisbane! “
Adele Nisbet, Head of Vocal - Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University and Editor of  AUSTRALIAN VOICE , Journal of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, QLD

"The show was hilarious and I loved Jan ... where I can sign up for her classes?"
Cath Wadling, Production & Advertising Manager - Icon Film, Surrey Hills, NSW

“Dear Friends, Last night my friend Queenie van de Zandt opened in her one person show "I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU an evening with Jan van de Stool" - believe me I laughed til I ached...one of the most inspired bits of comedy I have ever seen. I can't rave enough about this wonderful evening of theatre. So if you’re sick of watching bombs going back and forth on the tellie, then head to the Ensemble Theatre in Kirribilli and lock yourself in the theatre for the evening. You won't regret it.”
Garry Scale, Actor, Randwick, NSW

“I was totally artistically satisfied by your piece in Women in Voice, I thought you shone…The love song spoke the loudest for me; your presentation of it was perfect…congratulations on your entertaining and totally terrific performance.”
Laine Loxlea-Danann, Singing Teacher, Brisbane, QLD

“I was one of your delighted audience at Saturday night’s “Women in Voice” and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your performance. It has been a long time since I have laughed so much I have had tears streaming down my face.  And a sensational voice as well…..who would have thought one woman could have all the goods, and then some!…You were great, I loved every minute and I can’t wait to revel in the spectacle of Queenie again.”
Richard Triggs, Brisbane, QLD

“Queenie is just brilliant...I was just in stitches...It was great to go twice - I recognised more the second time around than I had the first time.  As we were leaving we found another friend who had gone there all on her own - she raved!!
Deanne Fergie, Adelaide, SA
“What a great night of theatre, I had tears rolling down my face for most of the performance!  So funny”.
Peta Webb, Double Bay, NSW

“You were brilliant and energetic and you got everyone involved and interested and you were very f******g funny!”
Geraldine Quinn, Comedienne, VIC

“Just wanted to let you know my colleagues, friends and family adored your recent show here in Canberra. I ran out of tissues, as I was laughing so much, the tears were streaming down my face, mascara included. One of my male colleagues was totally in fits. You are so talented…Thank you sincerely for a brilliant show!”
Lizzie Wagner, Managing Director, The Lizzie Wagner Group, ACT

“Loved the show…love everything about you…Nanette and I had a wonderful time last week at the show…so amazed by your singing…”
Stuart Hendricks, Melbourne, VIC

You were wonderful last night and the audience absolutely loved it!  Everyone is so impressed by your talent and polish…Your show is fantastic and deserves all the accolades that have been and will be heaped on it!  I laughed so hard…you are a must see!
Carmel May, Kirribilli, NSW
You were absolutely fantastic!!! Loved the show, loved the characters, loved the singing, loved laughing so much, I'm in love with Jan!”
Dale Burridge, Director - SMA Productions Pty Ltd, Surrey Hills, NSW

“I went to see your show tonight and just thought I'd write to say how wonderful it was…You are a brilliant performer - all those characters! I may even go again tomorrow night...”
Jem Bamford, Melbourne, VIC

Queenie van de Zandt’s I GET THE MUSIC IN YOU is absolutely priceless…her excruciatingly funny Dutch accent, her wonderful malapropisms…her new age hoo hah…make this show and absolute must-see gem.  The opening night audience laughed so much they were falling off their chairs (I know that term is often over-used but in this case it’s true!)…Queenie is a great performer.  Her comic timing and characterisations are impeccable…she sings hysterically as Jan…touchingly as the students and, finally and exquisitely, as herself.  This is a wonderfully inventive show…as they say, you’d be mad to miss it.
Alistair Thomson, TAA Entertainment Inc, Paddington, NSW

“Many thanks for the fabulous show last Monday night - isn't she marvellous! Great night…there's yet another hit on your hands!”
Linden Wilkinson, NSW

“I absolutely loved both gigs... I nearly wet myself yesterday from laughing so hard. Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know you were spectacular”.
Jack Machin, ACT

“I really don't remember a time when I have laughed so much in the theatre. It was just brilliant.”
Shaun Rennie, Actor, Sydney, NSW

“I went to see "I Get The Music In You" tonight…and after seeing it, you are my new favourite actor/singer/comedian. It's just so amazing how you can do a whole show on your own, transforming into so many different characters. I could go on for hours about how good you were/are… I actually went to see the show because the one I was going to see was sold out. Well I'm glad it was sold out, because I got to see a better one…You are an inspiration Queenie!!!”
Lee Hutchinson, Geelong, VIC

 “I am writing on behalf of the Victorian Committee of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS). I and two other committee members were thoroughly entertained and inspired by your presentation of "I Get the Music in You'. Congratulations! As singing teachers, your monologue struck a chord (embarrassingly so at times!) and we were not only appreciative of your hilarious wit, but also your vocal versatility!

On behalf of the committee, congratulations again on a wonderful show and all the best for your continued success.”
 Jenny Caire, President ANATS(Vic), Certified Master, Estill Voice Model, VIC

“Went to your gig tonight and it was fabulous, laughed like a drain, and loved your singing also.  Love Helen.  Love the elastic bands. Oh loved it all.” 
Helenka King, Melbourne, VIC

“Really really funny. Everyone in our group, and as far as i could see & hear, in the whole audience, loved it. One thing that especially struck me and impressed me is how totally, wonderfully un-self-conscious Queenie is onstage. Not a nanosecond of the "do you all like me? is this working?" you see from nearly all performers - except when she was being a character (a student) who was insecure and so should show that uncertainty!  Queenie herself just completely is her character(s) and we are the class! Her co-performer Helen is a great touch - she's a scream (a silent one!) and a great foil for "Jan van de Stool".
Ann Byrne, Melbourne, VIC

I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your performance last (Monday) night here in Canberra.  A wonderful night of music (and comic) therapy to cure my bad case of Mondayitis!”
Colin Milner, ACT

“I just wanted to say a big congratulations for your show.  We came to see it on Friday night a couple of weeks ago and loved every minute of it.  It’s a fantastic concept and your performance was really tremendous. I hope you are a huge success.”
Emily Burke, Melbourne, VIC

“Thanks for a wonderful performance on Friday night! What a gifted performer you are, and what a funny, clever and engaging script…By chance, I had brought a friend with me who is both an Alexander Technique teacher and a dance movement therapist and she was in stitches. She thinks you would go over a treat at their annual conference.”
Robin Penty, Melbourne, VIC

“Thank you so very much for the tickets to see the show last Friday evening. We absolutely loved the show. Our faces were sore from laughing so much. I hope that you had a fab season for the Fringe as you so deserve to do well with this show.”
Jocelyn Evans, Melbourne, VIC

“Jan Van de Stool needs her own TV show!!! You were so funny the other night!!! I hope someone is gonna make her (you) a household name soon!!!”

Amanda Harrison, Actor, NSW

“Thank you for the wonderful performance last week…I thoroughly enjoyed the performance...”
David Whitney, Director, Canberra Theatre Centre, ACT

“Just a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the show tonight - well done!...By the way, I still maintain that the night at the Brisbane Cabaret festival where you performed…was the best night of Caberet I've ever seen”.
Adrian, Melbourne, VIC

“Talk about a raging success with your show! Me, Alyssa & 23 of our students are booked in to come see you at the Ensemble Theatre on Sat. Sept. 2nd - matinee show. We absolutely cannot wait. I loved it the first time I saw it & I can't wait to see it again you're just hilarious it totally cracked me up. hehehe :)”
 Jo Cotterill, NSW

“May I just say that I laughed my head off on Thursday night as the show “in the scout hall” was the funniest show that I have EVER watched in my life!”
Lillian Gates, Canberra, ACT

 “The first thing I said this morning was "Thanks Helen". You are already affecting popular culture... Congratulations.”
Raife Stokes, Melbourne, VIC

“Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your show on Friday night. At times I almost peed my pants.”
Stephen McDowell, Actor, Melbourne, VIC

“Just saw your show and we’re still laughing! You were brilliant. All 5 characters were stunning…I bought a Mallee farmer with me and he reckons you’re sensational!”
Rainey, Melbourne, VIC

“…We have seen Queenie's 'Jan van de Stool' show previously, and we adored every second!  She is a brilliant performer, and this particular show is hilarious, and a wonderful showcase for her comic genius…”
Catherine and Peter Casey (Musical Director), Sydney, NSW

“I remember how wonderful you were in Anything Goes. And I am sooooo glad that your talent has (finally!) been recognized by others. I had the best time last night. I feared that if I did not stop laughing I should not be able to hear what was being said.

I can’t imagine it being performed or directed better. It should run for ever, and should definitely travel, and not just around Australia.”
 Terence Clarke, Director, NIDA, Sydney, NSW

“In the vain of 'Kath and Kim' and 'We can be heroes' we are still quoting lines to each other from our side splitting night with Queenie. What can we say but "Tanks Helen”.”
Craig and Rachelle, Sydney, NSW

“Just a note to say that I loved your show this evening such an innovative and clever characterisation. It is always a such delight to see you perform in whatever role displaying your multifarious talent.”
Jennifer Emmerton, Sydney, NSW

“May I ask you to pass on my congratulations to Queenie van der Zandt for her outstanding performance in I Get the Music in You last night? I take groups to theatre and have for many years and found last night’s production a sheer delight from the first moment. The complex, fallible, human and lovingly limited character of Jan van der Stool is a wonderful creation, and I loved the way she integrated the other characters into her performance as well, particularly of course Carol. Ah, and Helen: what a fabulous idea to have ‘her’ played by a piano and mimed by a man (his focus was great).

The careful use of audience interaction reminded me of Dame Edna at her warmest without the cruelty, the avarice and self-seeking of characters in Little Britain, and zaniness of Pieter of the recent ABC TV spoof series on the Australian of the Year (forgotten the name) – and I enjoyed the detail and clarity of subtext of the production – so both performer and director did a tightly controlled and accurate job there. And the more serious moments, too, were flawlessly integrated and gave the show depth. To see a whole audience rocking with laughter (and one women slumping out of her chair with helpless laughter) reinforces to me the power of theatre; we need theatre of this depth in a world where life isn’t always so much fun.

While shows like this bubble up people will keep coming to theatre Clever woman, crafting a show like this that is endlessly portable; may it go on to Edinburgh and the world!!! Congratulations Jan and Queenie: wonderful voice too. You certainly got your big note last night!”
Wendy Blaxland, Writer, Wahroonga, NSW

“Een kostelijke avond hebben we gehad.  Het is lang geleden dat ik buikpijn kreeg van het lachen, maar je hebt me buikpijn gegeven.    Hoe vaak heb ikzelf niet Engels gesproken met een Hollandse draai er aan.   Queenie draait het op een prachtige manier aan elkaar als de Hollandse muziek therapiste Jan van de Stool.  Onze namen staan al op de wachtlijst voor de volgende muziek therapie les.  Ik geloof dat we een spiegel moeten meenemen.”
Petri Povel - Garran, ACT

 “Ik wil je even bedanken voor de geweldige cabaret-avond die je ons verzorgde in Sydney. Lang geleden dat we zoveel hebben gelachen van het begin tot het eind. Tieneke Schouten in Nederland kan opdoeken. Queenie, als je in Canberra of ergens anders in N.S.W. weer optreedt komen  we graag weer kijken. Maakt niet uit of het dezelfde  show zal zijn. We brengen zoveel mogelijk vrienden mee. Tenslotte was het een  "KNOCK-OUT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
Gerry and Miel Kroon – Bowral, NSW